this year marks the 14th year of the sungecko!  as you might imagine, i’m very excited for the renovation in process.  so to all of you family and friends, from all over the world, just asking for a little more patience.  

this project started off with the simple goal of posting photos of my adventures with kaitlyn for the family.  in the mid 90’s, i was living in guam, spending my vacations with katie in the states, and then would head straight back to the island. my family was already spread throughout the states, so they never got to see any photos.  they complained, and i found a new way to share.  as for creating for the internet, i had no idea what i was doing.  so i started with netscape to create all three of my web pages.  oh, so long ago.

then i started to learn about web safe colors, manipulating links, favicons, counters, domains, and finally web-logging.  but it was with the influence and help from jeffrey zeldman’s designing with web standards that has taken this site to another level.  i started learning that “other language” that i’ve always promised myself.  i just didn’t think it would be XTML.

my goals are simple. first this has to have my personal touch. it needs to be clear, clean, and friendly. and it needs to be simple, easy to use. and of course, the site needs to be compliant with the world wide web consortium (w3c). this is not an easy task. first i had to learn the basics of xhtml and then re-code the templates and individual pages by hand.  and this worked well for a number of years.

but in the meantime, software became out of date, hosting changed, social media became the norm, and the web moved to a new standard.  luckily there are new tools, so i am hopeful we can get this up and running soon.  there are a lot of pieces to make this whole, with help from some talented and special people.  here is where the tools will be listed, so others can do the same if interested.

thanks for visiting, hope to have something worth your time very soon.

in the meantime, safe travels!

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